This fish ID table is divided into 12 parts.  Scroll down to find the general classification of the fish you are looking for, then check the pictures for the specific species.  This table is not intended to be a complete listing of sea life found in Anguillian waters - it includes only the sea life I have personally observed and photographed.

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Disks & Ovals/Colorful
Butterflyfishes - Angelfishes - Surgeonfishes

Banded Butterflyfish

Blue Tang - (Adult) Blue Tang (Juvenile) Doctorfish Foureye Butterflyfish French Angelfish French Angelfish - Juvenile Gray Angelfish
Gray Angelfish_Juvenile

Longsnout Butterflyfish

Ocean  Surgeonfish Ocean  Surgeonfish - Dark Queen Angelfish Rock Beauty Spotfin Butterflyfish
Jacks - Needlefishes - Barracudas - Tarpons 

African Pompano Almaco Jack Atlantic Spadefish Bar Jack Barracuda Black Jack Chub Jolthead Porgy
Tarpon Yellow Jack Yellow Mojarra White Grunt
Sloping Heads/Tapered Bodies
Grunts - Snappers
Black Margate Bluestriped Grunt Caesar Grunt French Grunt Gray Snapper Mahogany Snapper Margate Porkfish
Smallmouth Grunt - Juvenile Spanish Grunt Tomate Yellowtail Snapper
Small Ovals
Damselfishes - Chromis - Basses
Barred Hamlet Bicolor Damselfish Blue Chromis Brown Chromis  Dusky Damselfish  Dusky Damselfish - Juvenile Longfin Damselfish Sergeant Major
Three Spot Damselfish Yellowtail Damselfish
Heavy Bodies/Large Lips
Grouper - Sea Bass - Basslets

Chalk Bass


Coney - Color Variation



Harlequin Bass

Nassau Grouper

Red Hind

Rock Hind

Tobaco Fish

Swim with Pectoral Fins/Obvious Scales
Parrotfish - Wrasses - Razorfish



Princess Parrotfish - Adult 

Princess Parrotfish - Juvenile

Redband Parrotfish - Juvinile

Redband Parrotfish - Adult

Slippery Dick - Juvenile

Spanish Hogfish


Stoplight Parrotfish - Adult

Stoplight Parrotfish - Juvenile

Striped Parrotfish - Juvenile

Yellowhead Wrasse

Reddish/Big Eyes
Squirrelfish - Bigeyes - Cardinalfish

Barred Cardinalfish

Blackbar Soldierfish


Glasseye Snapper

Longjaw Squirrelfish

Longspine Squirrelfish


Small Elongated Bottom-Dwellers
Gobies - Blennies - Jawfishes

Bridled Goby

Cleaning Goby

Masked Goby

Redlip Blenny

Saddled Blenny

Spinyhead Blenny

Yellowhead Jawfish

Odd-Shaped Bottom-Dwellers
Batfish - Toadfish - Scorpionfish - Seahorses - Pipefish


 Sand Diver

 Shortfin Pipefish

Odd-Shaped Swimmers
Trumpetfish - Tilefish - Pufferfish - Boxfish -Filefish - Sweepers

Black Durgon

Glassy Sweeper


Jackknife Fish

Orangespotted Filefish


Queen Triggerfish

Sand Tilefish

Scrawled Filefish

Sharpnose Puffer

Slender Filefish

Smooth Trunkfish

Smooth Trunkfish - Juvenile

Spotted Burrfish

Spotted Drum

Spotted Drum - Juvenile

Spotted Goatfish Trumpetfish Whitespotted Filefish Yellow Goatfish
Morays - Snake Eels

Brown Garden Eel

Goldentail Moray

Green Moray

Spotted Moray

Sharks & Rays
Nurse Sharks - Hammerheads - Stingrays - Eagle Rays

Nurse Shark

Reef Shark

Southern Stingray

Spotted Eagle Ray

Other Marine Life
Turtles - Lobsters - Crabs - Nudibranchs

Arrow Crab

Bearded Fireworm

Hawksbill Turtle

Harlequin Blue Sea Goddess

Loggerhead Turtle

Splendid Flatworm


Pedersonís Cleaning Shrimp



Slipper Lobster

Three Rowed Sea Cucumber

Warm Water Lobster

Yellowline Arrow Crab